Marijuana as Living Medicine

It’s a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while.

When I first began smoking Marijuana I was in High School, and some of my friends were already using it and introduced me. I had never heard of the herb, or had any experience, so I kinda learned about stuff from them, then did my own research into what it was and the History of the plant.

I once had an asthma attack, and was fearful that I would have to go to the emergency room. As I began to panic and make the situation worse, my friend held the pipe to my lips and sparked the weed, telling me to inhale. I was barely able to get any smoke the first time, but none the less I did try to get some smoke in. The second time I got half of my lung capacity back and was able to take in more. By the third hit I was completely fine and back in the smoke session, as if the whole incident didn’t even happen.

From that point on I did my research to figure out how and why smoking weed helped my Asthma. I practiced running and exercise while high, and found that I didn’t tire out if I smoked a bowl or joint beforehand. I also experimented with meditating while stoned, and would calm myself down so much that I would fall asleep, and those naps were amazing. In the end I found that using Marijuana had more benefits than the general public knew, but it would take years before the public would change their minds.

I remember a time when even mentioning the word “Marijuana” was a taboo. Our elders thought of us as hoodlums and degenerates for consuming the devil’s weed. Honestly I heard the old assholes say their piece over and over, especially since I’m a woman, and it isn’t feminine to get high. I feel for the time when housewives couldn’t even enjoy a joint..

If only I had a time machine.

Now I look around and I see that the use of Marijuana as a medical treatment is hitting more approval in the mainstream. Take that ya old grouches! Some of those same old timers are actually using weed to help them gain their appetites, ease their pain, minimize seizures, and a whole list of other ailments. What was once considered to be a demonic drug with nothing to offer but a criminal record, is now a miracle drug that’s versatile in treating many conditions.

The most known and used part of the Marijuana plant is the “flower” or “buds” that grow on the plant. The flower grows on branches and are picked off then dried out to smoke, which is fairly easy and straight forward. People who use for both Medical and Recreational basically know and understand that what you see is what you get. You literally see the leaves on your buds as you prepare to smoke it.

Marijuana is a plant that is now being recognized for its medical benefits.

Our Medicine should be as pure as our bodies, and not made in Laboratories by shady scientific means that mimic the true complexities of Nature. The things that you put into your body should be pure and filled with a life force. To harmonize and give energy. This is why Marijuana works so well because the plant can balance hormones and calm nerve signals, and has low side effects.

I’m hopeful that modern society can realize that their medicine is fake and processed. That the way to get back to health is to go back to more natural means. That there are different ways of looking at herbs, spices, and other natural sources than what we’ve once been told. And that there are still places in the world that still practice Living Medicine to this day, and can reteach the rest of us who have forgotten.

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