Here Are 20 Fun & Productive Things To Do While In Quarantine

Let me just start by saying that the world is a crazy place right now. It’s like the movie ‘Contagion’ (2011) crawled itself out to the real world from a movie screen. The pandemic shut down not only just a country but the entire world. Most of us had to lock ourselves inside our house and life isn’t just the way it was before. Schools are closed, most of the shops are not opening, people are not working, some of us lost our jobs, yes. I was employed part-time. So things aren’t that pretty.

Staying home is awesome. You can do whatever you want. Even if you don’t feel like you wanna do anything, you can just spend your entire day snuggled up on your couch. BUT for how long? Being in quarantine can be extremely boring. Just staying inside four walls for which feels like ages can result in mood swings and you might end up feeling monotonous.

So here are 20 fun things you can do while at home to stay active instead of being cooped up inside your room.

Finish Books You Once Started

Most of us likely have at least a small collection of books we once started and never got to finish because of various reasons. Why don’t you dust off some of those old books and start reading? It’s a perfect way to kick start a new hobby.

Watch Movies And Shows

Isn’t it amazing when you get to watch all of your favorite movies and TV shows and not worry about anything else? Well, this is the best time you could do that. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Grab some MORE popcorn if you like to binge-watch. I know I do.

Spent More Time With Your Family

So let me ask you. How many times you had to work overtime and miss a family dinner? How many times did you get blamed for not being there? How many times did we choose our busy work schedules over family time? Sometimes we mess up. But think of this time as a do-over. A time when you can be with your family and make some memories. Trust me it will do good.

Do Indoor Games With Your Kids

What’s better and more fun than spending time with your adorable little cuties? After all those busy schedules you had and all those moments you missed out on your kid’s special days, they’re craving for some time to spend with their parents. Teach them how to swing a bat or Play catch with them. Teach them how to swim. Play some board games. These moments with your little kids will never come back. So cherish them now.

Share Chores With Your Partner

There is no better way than helping your partner with their works and chores to let them know that you’re caring and loving. They will appreciate the gesture so much. Also, you get to spend quality time with your partner. Share those work and do it together. It’ll be more fun than you might think.

Try New Recipes

Ever wanted to try a new recipe and then you just didn’t for some reason? Ever wanted to cook together with your partner but couldn’t because of your busy lives? Well, this is the time to do all of that. Get your ideas out of your head and make some delicious, scrumptious food. Cook together with your kids or partner and make the experience sweeter.

Try Home Workouts

If you’re like me, probably you’re being the saddest person ever because the gyms are also closed due to quarantine. But that is not going to stop us from being healthy. Do a 40 min workout every day at home. Some apps I’ve personally tried are listed below.

Home Workout – No Equipment

Lose Weight App for Men

Dumbbell Workout at Home

Meditate And Do Yoga

Are you a woman who wanted to try yoga and meditation but never got to do it? Then this might be the perfect time for you to start doing it. You can find infinite tutorials on YouTube and also Apps are available for your smartphone. Give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Do Video Calls With Your Friends

Humans are by nature social animals. There’s no argument there. So staying home and distancing yourself from all of your friends and colleagues and everyone else might hit us in a bad way. So that is why it’s very much helpful and fun to do video calls with your friends. You can use these apps to do group video calls.

Google Duo




Do Gardening

I enjoy gardening. Not only just beautiful flowers but also growing vegetables and fruits are some of the favorite things I like to do. If you agree with me, then you would enjoy doing gardening at these times. It is such a refreshing activity and it can make you feel satisfied and productive.

Do Painting

Did you know, that if you practice a skill over and over again you will get better at it? No matter if you or others never considered you as an artist or a talented person. So why don’t you grab some paint and brushes and start painting whatever you want?

Learn An Instrument

When I was a kid I wanted to learn an instrument. Regardless of its kind, I loved all instruments. But I never got a chance to learn anything. But it was 3 years before I bought myself an acoustic guitar and self-taught myself. I’m not GREAT at it. But I’m not that bad either. So if you are like me, why don’t you start teaching yourself to play an instrument? It is a perfect activity for you to do while in quarantine.

Learn A New Language

I’ve been learning French by myself for the last 2 and a half years. And I’m proud of my progress so far. If you have a taste for new languages and if you like to have some linguistic skills, then I would recommend you to start learning a new language. It’s fun and it is so impressive if you know more than two languages. Use this time to learn a new language and trust me you will be thankful that you did. The apps I use to learn languages are,




Rosetta Stone

Before I finish this article I want to remind you all to keep practicing social distancing and be aware that we are staying home for our own and our family’s safety and also for our society’s safe future.

Stay safe and be happy. Let’s all hope and work for a better future together.

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