Salutations! Welcome, dear readers.

For today, I feel the desire to unveil my thoughts and feelings about something that has always plagued and puzzled even the greatest minds and is never really understood even before and after experiencing it. Something that makes everyone a fool but also makes them stronger.


No, dear reader. I did not just call you love. Love, in this case, is a noun.

There are people who are lucky enough to find the consistency and sincerity that comes with true love in this ever-changing world. Some people are not and often find themselves haunted with regret and despair. It’s with of great difficulty when you find your one in a million. The chances are like catching lightning (baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle ~~~) and oftentimes, people don’t know if they’ve really found the one and some do not even realize that what they’re searching for is already in front of them.

There are different kinds of love but all of them constitutes the love couples need in a marriage. For it is not only one kind of love that makes marriage work. (Yes, dear reader. I am talking of marriage while I never even had a special someone ;). You must think I’m a joke.) In particular, I will be talking about all the kinds of love a marriage needs in order to make it work.

It all begins with Romantic Love. The meeting of the eyes, the touch of the hand and the attraction that draws you to the person. The unknown pull that people feel that is hard to fight when the person is near that makes you desire to enjoy his presence, and the burning want to get to know more about him. It is a profound feeling that blurs the line between dream and reality. But in reality, this love is not enough in marriage but still remains a part of it. 

Erotic love also has a role to play (ohh, spicy ~) because it manifests the distinction between the male and female and also drives the desire to procreate which serves the purpose of marriage. Dependent love is another kind that provides the couple the trust that they can always rely on one another no matter how busy and troubled the other is. They work in tandem and I truly believe it is a big leap in their journey to being one. Some marriages often started as the couples being friends, if not best friends. I can say that couples have to have a common ground in which they share the same interests and be able to just get along. Join in on one another’s weirdness and be a friend when the other needs it. 

Friendship love creates respect in the marriage and respect is a vital component in the marital relationship. Lastly, and I somehow think this is the most important, is Altruistic Love. God’s love for His Creation is unselfish and I think couples need to follow God’s example. (I am a Catholic, dear reader, but I respect all religions.) This love is terrifying when it becomes too much that it causes emotional damage to the person giving it. But it is also without question that we express concern for our love and put their well-being above ours. They grow more as one as they unconditionally accept the other. What a beautiful concept love is, don’t you think? In the grand scheme of things, love is a concept that is the most pure and beautiful.

I truly admire the kind of love that accepts one for who they are. With all their flaws and their darkness. As for me, dear reader, I have always longed for someone who will keep my shadows at bay. Someone who will not try to calm my waves but be the shore that the waves keep on coming back to. But in the deepest part of me, I feel that I’m still not ready. (Well, there goes your chance, dear reader ;).)

Love may be a fickle thing to others but I truly believe it is constant as the stars above. 

Dear reader, I hope you’ll find the one you’ll struggle in life with.

𝓐𝓾 𝓻𝓮𝓿𝓸𝓲𝓻, 


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